A Mint Condition Corpse : Duncan MacMaster

A Mint Condition Corpse : Duncan MacMaster

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Volume One: Kirby Baxter Investigates

Batman schmatman, there's a new hero in town and he's kinda dorky...

Kirby Baxter went to Omnicon for the cosplay, the comics and the collectibles. 

No-one was supposed to get murdered.

Get ready for a whole new kind of crime novel. The Dork Knights are rising and Kirby Baxter and his friends are putting the nerd firmly into noir. 

Its all fun and costume changes at OmniCon until schlock horror superstar Erica Glass turns up dead. Fresh from a mysterious adventure in Lichtenstein Kirby Baxter soon finds himself up to his geeky neck in a deadly murder mystery.

Kirby must deploy his unique skills of deduction and detection before the body count rises and ruins OmniCon for everyone. 

"A classic Golden Age murder mystery brought bang up to date."

“A smart, slick and super cool comic caper…”

“Rockets along to a most satisfying ending - loved it.”

“If you’re a fan of Dirk Gently, you’ll love Kirby Baxter…”

“Put’s the nerd firmly into noir.”

"Rattles along at 100 miles an hour, barely drawing breath as it bounces from one development to another. It's playing with all the conventions of classic crime with a wry smile and a wink. I absolutely loved it - I want more adventures for Kirby and his posse - and I really want to know what happened in Liechtenstein!!"

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