Everybody Hurts : John Sissons : Volume Three : Ian Ayris

Everybody Hurts : John Sissons : Volume Three : Ian Ayris

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The last few years have been tough ones for John Sissons and in this 3rd book of the series he's struggling under the emotional weight.

Even as he does his best to keep his head above water and deal with the every day pressures of life, he's forced to revisit  the events of his past and the emotional repercussions which never seem too far from the surface.

With his parents gone, his relationship in difficulties and his job hanging by a thread John must rely on the love and support of those closest to him to steer himself back from a dangerous place.

The author's dedication at the start of the book set's the tone in this the most emotionally honest book of this extraordinary series so far.

"For anyone who ever felt lost,
who ever felt the day too dark,
the night too long.
Please know you are never alone.
And you are, in truth, worth the entire world. " 


Praise for Ian Ayris

“April Skies is marvelous. Full of realistic, well-drawn characters, great dialogue, sharp twists and turns, and with a strong sense of place and time. Nerve-wracking and heartbreaking, tense and touching – April Skies is a Brit Grit classic.”

“East London displayed in all its glory, Upton Park, Claret & Blue - West Ham United Football Club, Green Street. One of the most vivid descriptions of a football fans experience. I felt the excitement, the atmosphere, I was there, I was part of the crowd, I could hear the chants, feel the crowd coming together, absolutely bloody brilliant, tears in my eyes…”

“This is a beautifully written book.”

“A really enjoyable book, in the company of a sympathetic protagonist. Sissons isn't perfect but he commands our allegiance. Ayris again demonstrates the importance of family, community, friendship and loyalty.”

“Great story telling with a finely depicted East End.”

“I cared about these people. I wanted to hug John Sissons, squeeze his hand, tell him everything would be okay, and applaud his loyalty and compassion…”

“A wonderful book, that will have you thinking deeply long after you’ve turned the last page.”