Disorder : Paddy Magrane

Disorder : Paddy Magrane

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When Cabinet Minister Charles Scott commits suicide, his psychotherapist, Sam Keddie, is consumed with guilt. But then a shadowy Government official visits, demanding details of his sessions with Scott. Bound by client confidentiality, Keddie refuses to help. 

Guilt is soon the least of his problems. 

Sam finds himself threatened – and forced on the run. Digging into the Minister’s death, he follows a trail from London to Marrakesh. There, hounded by relentless pursuers, he comes face to face with Scott’s dark secret – one with the power to topple a Government and ignite a volatile region. 

With his enemy closing in, Keddie must expose the truth – before he’s silenced forever. 

“A nerve twisting thriller that will delight any reader who enjoyed The Ghost by Robert Harris.”

“A rollicking conspiracy thriller” 

“With all the essential components of a conspiracy thriller firmly in place, Disorder is an extremely assured debut, which would appeal strongly to fans of Robert Harris or Robert Ludlum.”

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