Dead Is Good : Jo Perry

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Available in eBook, Paperback & Collectable Hardback editions, 310pp

A woman opens fire on the North Hollywood Police Precinct and is almost immediately shot dead by the L.A.P.D.

Another woman throws herself off the edge of Santa Monica Pier. 

One is suicide, one is art… 

Welcome to the world of Charlie & Rose, everyone’s favourite ghost detectives.

Summoned once again from the afterlife, and cursed by death to only ever be on-lookers into the lives of the living, Charlie and his dog companion Rose do their best to protect the only woman Charlie has ever loved. 

Life, it seems, is much more complicated than death, and very quickly Charlie & Rose find themselves attempting to untangle a complicated and deadly web of suicide, art, drug gangs and the illegal sweat-shops of downtown Los Angeles.

Dead Is Good is the 3rd Book in the Charlie & Rose series

Praise for Dead Is Good 

'Dead is Good is a metaphysical detective novel: a meditation on the meaning of life—and of death. It’s also an evocative and wickedly funny portrait of Los Angeles, a city whose disparate communities barely seem to connect. But connect they do, and Perry draws the line between exploited downtown garment workers and ostentatious Beverly Hills McMansions with the sarcastic, chronically dissatisfied Charlie and his sweet-tempered dog, Rose as our guides. Sure, they’re both dead, but they live and breathe as characters whom you want so much to find some form of peace and happiness. I can’t wait for their next case." - Lisa Brackmann, critically acclaimed author of the Ellie McEnroe novels, (Rock Paper Tiger, Hour of the Rat, Dragon Day), Getaway, The Go-Between and others.

"Jo Perry's DEAD IS GOOD is the best book yet in a solid-gold series:
funny, sad, suspenseful, and totally original. They're set in a world in
which the dead can observe the living -- including those they love -- but
can't lend a hand. And her often-beautiful prose is uniquely her own." - Timothy Hallinan