Chastity Flame : K.A. Laity

Chastity Flame : K.A. Laity

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"Killing Eve meets James Bond in this addictive new series"

Chastity Flame lives life at full throttle.

As a secret government operative Chastity fights the bad guys, foils criminal masterminds and still finds time to enthusiastically embrace a catalogue of erotic adventures that would make James Bond blush.

And then she meets art historian Damien Michelet and much to her surprise discovers there might just be more to life than lust.

Saving the world is hard work and it can be lonely too, but before Chastity can decide what to do about Damien, she must pay some attention to her day job.

Top of her to-do list is the rescue of a geeky tech-genius, in a bid to try and thwart an insidious plot by a shady international business consortium to destabilize currencies and governments all around the globe.

And then maybe, just maybe Chastity can have some fun with the delicious Damien.

Praise for Chastity Flame

“Fast, racy & breathless…”

“Chastity Flame is a fantastic book.”

“Fun and light-hearted, with plenty of humour sprinkled in with some red-hot sex and a serious spy plot.”

“A highly addictive, fast-moving, clever, sexy and funny, spy romp. The first in what is sure to prove to be a massively enjoyable new series.”

“If you're looking for something different, sexy and fun, then look no further.”

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