According To Mark : H.B. O'Neill

According To Mark : H.B. O'Neill

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“According To Mark entertained me. It horrified me. It moved me. It disturbed me. It rattled me. It broke my heart. It gave me some odd hope.” – H.C. Newton 

Robert is unravelling.

Following a devastating break up he finds himself distraught, desperate, and increasingly confused.

When his literary hero, Mark Twain begins to communicate with him, Robert initially takes solace in Twain’s innate wisdom. Quite quickly though warning bells start to sound, and it becomes clear that Mark's whispered, often cryptic advice, could prove dangerous.

As Robert's mental health continues to deteriorate, he embarks on a quest around London using Twain’s words as his guide and inspiration. 

Will listening to his hero lead to solace and recovery, or is it an undertaking that can only end in tragedy?

"It's so difficult to truly express the full emotional impact, exquisite writing and rhythmic cadence of According To Mark. It's quite unlike anything I have ever read before, and so grateful I have." - RavenCrimeReads

 “A broken man seeking answers in a broken world. Channelling Lewis Carroll, Spike Milligan and Twain himself, it’s full of laugh out loud humour, yet also a book filled with terrible heartache and searing pain. And in these times, I sense it’s a book of great importance. ‘According To Mark’ is a novel of truly stunning originality” – Ian Ayris

You really don’t have to read O’Neill’s website to know he’s a poet. His eye for detail is astounding. There are several instances of him focusing on a feature of a scene, a tiny aspect of Robert’s appearance, or something in his environment that made me put down the book to bask in it for a moment… I made a note at one point, “How does someone compose this? How does one revise this?” - I’m just going to chalk it up to brilliance and move on… The prose, the characters, the character arcs…these are all brilliantly conceived and executed, and I just cannot say enough good things about O’Neill’s writing. - H.C. Newton

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