A Slow Death : James Craig

A Slow Death : James Craig

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Mafia killings, undercover cops and rough justice – Berlin like you’ve never seen her before. This is the first book in the brand new Max Drescher series from James Craig - the best selling author of the Inspector John Carlyle novels

"Exciting and fast moving. Excellent start to the series and a wonderful read. I would certainly buy the next book by this author”

Berlin 1990.

“I just love the smell of tear gas in the evening...”

The Wall has fallen and Berlin is a magnet for criminals and protestors from all over Germany and the rest of Europe. 

When a seemingly ordinary family are slaughtered in their home, Kriminalinspektor Max Drescher finds himself up against a ruthless Mafia clan trying to establish its operations in the newly reunited city. 

Max has problems of his own but knowing this could be his last case, the veteran detective will stop at nothing to get a result.

Praise for James Craig

“Top notch, honest to goodness, page turning crime fiction in the mould of Rebus, Montalbano and Wallander.”

“One of the most gripping books i have read in quite some time, I quite literally couldn't put it down. The narrative is engaging and flows at at the kind of pace you would expect from an experienced thriller writer, it was responsible for a many lost hours.”

“James Craig will join Peter James and Peter Robinson on my list of "must buys" as soon as a new book hits the shelves - the writing is excellent as is the plot line. More please!”

“James Craig raises the stakes for UK thriller writers, and has me wanting more.”

“I brought this book as a reccommendation from Amazon. From the first pages I was hooked and I finished it in a day and a half. I wish all books that were 5 stars were this good. It's one of those books you wish every book you read is. Sometimes you read out of vague interest, this one I literally could not put down.”

“Brilliant, fast moving story. Loved the way the detectives back story is established, running alongside the main plot. Well written. Cant wait to read James's next book.”

“I greatly enjoyed this book and cannot recommend it highly enough. They storyline makes for compulsive reading . I feel this would be ideal material for TV drama. Really enjoying getting to know James Craig's characters and his writing style.”

“This book was intriguing and absolutely brilliant, the story line keeps you wondering till the end a very good buy”

“An exciting and enjoyable read through a complex non-stop narrative full of hazards and dangers with the interesting protagonists weaving their way through the action. Very entertaining and well-written”

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