A Cut-Throat Business : K.A. Laity

A Cut-Throat Business : K.A. Laity

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Chastity Flame is back in her hottest adventure yet.

There’s a killer loose in London and it looks like they’re protected in high places.

Chastity  needs to look in the places the police can’t — or won’t — while a rogue colleague dogs her steps, looking for the key to secrets in her past.

Can she find the killer before their bloodlust rises again?

Will she expose her bitter rival before he targets more innocents?

And how will she cope with the most dangerous mission — moving in with her boyfriend, Damien?

Praise for the Chastity Flame books

Kate Laity confidently grabs hold of the Modesty Blaise template and ratchets its components up to 11 with Chastity Flame. And what she gives us is a highly addictive, fast-moving, clever, sexy and funny globe-trotting, spy romp. A massively enjoyable new series.

"Step aside, 007, and make room for Chastity Flame. Ms. Flame outwits, out-spies and definitely out-sexes James Bond in this rollicking, witty and exceptionally well-written erotic spy thriller. If you're a fan of British media, look for the in-jokes. If you're not, there's more than enough humor, action and hot sex to satisfy any lover of romantic suspense!"

"Fast, racy, breathless - Chastity Flame lives life at full pelt: a heady mixture of satisfying her lustful urges for excitement with the danger and challenge of protecting the Nation."

"A fantastic book. It's fun and light-hearted, with plenty of humour sprinkled in with the red-hot sex and serious spy plot. I got to the end and immediately wanted more."

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