A Citizen Of Nowhere : The 3rd Republic Novels : Volume One : Seth Lynch

A Citizen Of Nowhere : The 3rd Republic Novels : Volume One : Seth Lynch

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Paris. 1930.

Salazar is an English detective haunted by his experiences of the Great War, who wiles away the days playing chess and taking on as little work as possible. When the alluring Marie Poncelet hires him to find a missing man he quickly realises it's a case he wishes he'd refused. 

Finding a missing man isn't anything like finding a man who doesn't want to be found and Gustave Marty has covered his tracks with a smokescreen that will push Salazar beyond the limits of physical endurance and to the edge of insanity. 

As he's drawn deeper into the shadowy underbelly of the City of Light, Salazar's closed, structured world is blown apart by the arrival of a friend from his pre-war youth, the beautiful Megan Fitzwilliam, whose tenderness and love of life is a stark contrast to the brutal violence that lies within him.

When that violence threatens to engulf them both, Salazar must seek redemption or lose the very thing that has finally made his life worth living.

Published in a new edition for 2019 A Citizen Of Nowhere is the 1st volume of Seth Lynch's 3rd Republic Novels.


“Salazar is richly cinematic and completely enthralling with a great sense of time and place, as well as a great deal of wry humour.”

“Knowing well the parts of France where the story unfolds, I realize that this book has been meticulously researched, and the pictures painted and the setting of the characters are perfectly described and richly amplified. Lynch has created a lead character in Salazar that is up there with the Colombos and the Wallanders of this genre, and I look forward impatiently to the second book, in what I'm sure will be a long-lived series.” 

“Fans of Highsmith's Ripley or Chandler's Marlow will love this book as much as just about anybody simply looking for an absorbing holiday read.”

“A real page turner. Salazar is so much more than a crime novel and a real insight into the minds and lives in those post war Paris years, accompanied by knowledgeable descriptive detail of people and places.”

“An enjoyable read that takes you on a trip back to 1930 Paris. Salazar is on a mission to find more than just a man but his new identity in a turbulent time and place.”

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