The Pact : Turlough Delaney

The Pact : Turlough Delaney

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A Dublin funeral, and three friends come together on a solemn mission to strike back against the city’s drug dealers. For Santy it's a sacred duty to the community. For Leo, it's an opportunity to indulge violent tendencies and pay off some debts at the same time. For Dean? Unemployed and still living at home, it isn't as if he has anything better to do than go along with his friend's plan. 

But not everyone is playing straight, and there is more to uncover than just the name of the next target on the list. Between vengeance, idealism and greed, each begins to question the motives of the others. And when the Garda start nosing around it's clear that somebody's been talking, but who?

They’re about to find out that some secrets are buried for a reason.

"More than the sum of each brilliant part, The Pact is a brutal, funny and cleverly weaved together slice of hard-boiled crime. A time bomb of tension."  -Paul Brazill(author of The Guns of Brixton and Cold London Blues)

"Everything a tight book is meant to be…great plot that features murder, drugs, revenge, and sex…characters that come to life and elicit emotion from the reader…and an ending that closes the book with a bang and leaves the reader salivating for the next one. A balls-to-the-wall ride that leaves the reader with torched finger tips from turning the pages so quickly and short of breath from anxiety as Delaney ratchets up the suspense till the book seems poised to explode from the tension." -Regular Guy Reading Noir

"With its ambitious jig-saw style structure and plot turns, The Pact constantly pulls the rug from beneath our feet. Once we feel we have a grip on the story, Delaney forces us to rethink and reassess what we know. The Dublin of The Pact is recognisable on the surface only. The story successfully combines elements of crime, domestic life, suspense and the surreal to paint a picture of a deeply complex modern Dublin where nothing can be taken on face value. The Pact bristles with raw energy and leaves the reader breathless. Once finished, I immediately started it again. An original and fresh voice, I can’t wait to see what Delaney does next." -Eamon McGuinness (author of Not Running, But Running Away)