Red Honey : Saira Viola

Red Honey : Saira Viola

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Red Honey is the much anticipated new book from the hugely critically acclaimed Saira Viola.

With an introduction from Todd Robins, editor of Vautrin Magazine, Red Honey is a collection of never before published short stories & flash fiction from a recognised giant of the genre

 - to say people are excited about this book is the biggest understatement of the year.

Here's just a few things people have had to say about Saira's writing, it's quite the fanclub... 

“Saira's prose seeps from the page, through the senses and into the soul without appearing to trouble the brain. In a way, that wide-screen, surround-sound experience of reading her work is a double edge sword. It's like watching a firework display; the pretty sparks falling all around can make you forget it was born of gunpowder.” - Russell Day, Author of King Of The Crows

"Saira Viola's work fuses noir glam and disco with the proper sound of the streets. She's a relentless & dedicated adventurer for the story, poem, and novel. A writer whose work creates a star sourced punkish take on the human condition. Her work is a whirlwind of larks & linguistics and the dark & light in between" - David Erdos,  Actor, Writer & Director

"A great amount has been done in literature over the years but every now and then someone comes along and shows us a completely different approach to the ancient art of the scribe. So hail Saira Viola and discover her twisted and beautiful imagination. Literature needs Saira Viola. Her writing is sharp direct and gripping.” - Benjamin Zephaniah

"A fresh faced voice to herald in the apocalypse. Posers beware. This is the real deal." - Jonathan Shaw

"Injecting musical prose into a dying genre and one sorely needing a shot in the arm.What Viola has proven is the great novel is not incompatible with virtuosic poetics." - James Browning Kepple

"I enjoyed this piece's in-your-face quality." - Robin Wyatt Dunn

"Guy Ritchie meets Martin Amis.......stunning." - Betsy Reavley 

"A dirty, delinquent satire with plenty of scabrous humour, but it also holds up a mirror to a society obsessed with the wrong kind of celebrity. .....Jukebox is a compelling crime caper." - Crime Fiction Lover

"A witty riotous story populated by larger-than-life characters" - The Clerkenwell Post

"Unique – it overflows with pazazz." -  Heathcote Williams, International Times 

To celebrate the publication of this extraordinary collection we've re-issued Saira's previously published novels in this beautiful, eye-catching collection.


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