Boondoggle : Mark Rapacz

Boondoggle : Mark Rapacz

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"An addictive crime novel for fans of Fargo, The Big Lebowski and The 39 Steps." 

Young women keep showing up dead in the swamplands area of Oslo, Minnesota and nobody seems to care--except for Mack Harrison and his crewmates working as mosquito eradicators; aspiring hit man Jerry, stoner burnout Smokey, absent-minded Sid, and yoga-practicing foreman Lorne.

Mack and the crew have theories. Lots of theories. 

Could be Sheriff John. Could be the new med-tech giant MedSci. Could be Metro Area Vector Control itself.

The more the bodies pile up the more they start to think they should do something about it but they’re getting a pretty good paycheck for not doing much of anything. Maybe this is just how things are in Oslo, dead girls in swamps are as inevitable as the rising sun.

“Rapacz has written a wonderful character study of a man who has difficulties in connecting with society though he continually tries to do so.”

“Rapacz has written a well-crafted crime novel with heart”

“If you're looking for a beautiful, disjointed, disorienting, and movingly angry novel, check out Boondoggle.”