A Killing Kiss : B.R. Stateham

A Killing Kiss : B.R. Stateham

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When Jacob Menten is murdered, the battle to take his place at the head of a brutal crime syndicate will be long and bloody. His innocent wife and child are caught up in a war of succession and a tangle of secrets and lies. Who killed the old boss? And how do they hope to gain from the death and destruction unleashed?

It will take all of Smitty’s talents to fulfil the dead man’s final wish and keep his family safe. But then, Smitty is a hitman of exceptional talent...

From the author of the Hahn/Morales detective stories, A Killing Kiss is a muderous tale as tough as they come. 

"A Killing Kiss is classic pulp material -- quick, action-filled, violent. Since [Donald Westlake's] Parker appeared on the scene, a number of crime writers have fashioned characters with similar pedigrees. Smitty is a welcome addition to the fold. Give A Killing Kiss a spin. If you like it, there are four other collections of Smitty stories by Stateham on the market -- enough to keep you as busy as an undertaker on retainer to the Mafia." -William E. Wallace (author of Dead Heat with the Reaper)

"Fast and furious, Stateham writes a mean action sequence……plenty of gun play, but with some depth to the characters and situation so there’s more than just death in play." -Col's Criminal Library

"Blood splattered shoot outs, sharp twists and a great protagonist. B.R. Stateham's Smitty is a classic hard-boiled pulp/noir creation and A Killing Kiss is great old-school fun." -Paul D. Brazill (author of Guns of Brixton)

"A Killing Kiss is a hard blast of pure noir, with hard boiled prose and a punch in the face... As well executed as a hit from a mechanic, mixing Dashiell Hammett with an extremely real sense of danger." -Richard Godwin (author of One Lost Summerand Confessions of a Hit Man)

"My kind of book; quick plot, engaging characters, and lots of violence and action." -Regular Guy Reading Noir

"I loved this book. There's sharp dialogue, exciting action and twisting story lines. In it's short length, A Killing Kiss gives the reader everything." -Aidan Thorn (author of Criminal Thoughts and Urban Decay)

"Top notch crime fiction: B.R Stateham's Smitty is not a guy you want as an enemy. He's smart, deadly and utterly ruthless... but Stateham's sure-handed prose makes him human and fallible. Add in a top notch-plot, with twists and turns and an ending you won't see coming, and you have a winning recipe for a crime fiction novella that will keep the reader compulsively turning the pages right up to the final resolution." Allan Leverone (author of The Lonely Mile, Final Vector andPaskangankee)