Know Me From Smoke : Matt Phillips

Know Me From Smoke : Matt Phillips

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This beautiful slice of noir is set during the Christmas period in San Diego and is a perfect little yuletide gift for anyone who likes their holidays to go with a  little more noir swing.

Stella Radney, longtime lounge singer, still has a bullet lodged in her hip from the night when a rain of gunfire killed her husband. That was twenty years ago and it’s a surprise when the unsolved murder is reopened after the district attorney discovers new evidence. 

Royal Atkins is a convicted killer who just got out of prison on a legal technicality. At first, he’s thinking he’ll play it straight. Doesn’t take long before that plan turns to smoke—was it ever really an option?

When Stella and Royal meet one night, they’re drawn to each other. But Royal has a secret. How long before Stella discovers that the man she’s falling for isn’t who he seems?

A noir of gripping suspense and violence, Know Me From Smoke is a journey into the shadowy terrain of murder, lost love, and the heart’s lust for vengeance.

Praise for Know Me From Smoke:

"Two great characters here in Stella and Royal. Couple that with a psychotic villain and a grudge-bearing cop, and you're gonna be hooked til the end. Happy endings? Well, maybe..." - Paul Heatley, author of The Runner, FatBoy, and An Eye for an Eye

“A beautifully written, brutal & brilliant slice of hardboiled crime fiction. A Knockout.” – Paul D. Brazill, author of Last Years’s Man and A Case Of Noir.

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