Crack, Apple & Pop : Saira Viola

Crack, Apple & Pop : Saira Viola

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Tony is a handsome young boxer is forced into a life of crime after suffering a vicious blow in the ring. 

Seduced by the glitz and glamour of London and mentored by charismatic gang lord Don March he rises rapidly up the crime ladder until he spies an opportunity to start a semi-legit Natural Highs business.

Bankrolled by an eccentric British dandy and accompanied by a cast of starry misfits including a 3ft tall blue-haired money man, an Etonian drug mule, two dominatrix debt collectors, a dodgy lawyer and a host of demi-celebs, Tony carves out a roll for himself in a city where money creates its’ own morality.

All seems to be going well until in the shadows, a Bollywood mobster threatens to derail their plans. 

Chaos ensues, of course it does – wonderful, beautiful, visceral chaos.

The deft wit of Hammett meets the vivid poetics of Chandler: Crack Apple and Pop is slick smart and razor sharp. A gritty and sometimes metafictive slice of London noir.

A city of artful dodgers, yardie gangsters, kinky aristos, cocaine dusted starlets and social thrill seekers where everyone’s hustling and everyone’s getting high.

Whether it’s law, finance, the music biz, or the boxing ring: money is king. And only the ones prepared to risk everything will survive...

“A wild wicked wanton slice of Brit pulp.”

“A rip-roaring drive through the underbelly of London’s gangland.”

 “Technicoloured Brit Noir with no filter.”

“True Romance meets Train Spotting via Layer Cake.”

 “Turbo charged explosive crime fiction.”

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